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  • Age: 42
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  • Location: NC US
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type o negative , leonard cohen, metallica, red hot chili peppers, america, moody blues, ozzy, some pop and hip hop. oh yeah , pink floyd. i can't name them all.

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    Thanks for the invite ;)
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    Kirills Honey

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    Good morning (or maybe good night @ your timezone) ^^
    I just looked at your Map of NC... seems to be a really beautiful region!

    Sunny greetings from Germany
    Kirills Honey


    Reply from cinnamongirlx:

    hey girl , thanks for your comment. ya it is pretty here in north carolina. i live about 15 min from atlantic beach. i gets sooo hot. i live in a small town. my sister and her husband have rodeos on their land about twice a month , and there is the mud bog about 5min from my house. that's where all the rednecks around here get together and race trucks in the mud. did you know that karl is of german decent ? what is it like where you live ?